Women on the Trails

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Our Mission

We strive to address the unique needs of female mountain bikers in a non-threatening, supportive and FUN environment. 

Our Style

Our rides are based on pace, endurance, and terrain.  Rides are rated “Beginner”, “Intermediate”, or “Advanced”, with occasional finer distinctions (“First-time Beginner”, “Strong Intermediate”, etc.). 

No one is left behind or criticized, and each rider is encouraged to safely challenge herself.  DirtChix, being a team effort, depends upon the active participation of our members. 


Mountain biking is a wondrous journey-- along the way we'll make friends, learn new skills, achieve fitness milestones,

and find adventure as we whoop and giggle with the joy of discovery and the pride of achievement.   Enjoy the ride!       

DIRTCHIX members encourage safe and responsible riding. Helmets are mandatory and radios are strongly encouraged.  Riders

are expected to follows the rules of the trail.

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