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Big Bear 2006


DIRTCHIX Holiday Ride, Dec, 2006

Space Mountain June 2006

Kernville Fat Tire Festival, Oct 2005

Rockclimbing, June 2006

More Kernville Fat Tire Festival Photos, Oct 2005

Sedona Day 1, May 2006

CORBA Fat Tire Festival, October 2005

Sedona Day 2, May 2006

More CORBA Fat Tire Festival Photos, Oct 2005

Sullivan Ridge

CORBA Trail Maintenance Days

Skills Clinic With Iain,

Sulphur Mountain Trail, Ojai, CA

Chumash Hike

Memorial Day Ride at Sycamore, May  2005

Tour of California / Cancer Ride 06


Sullivan Canyon              


Sycamore Canyon May 21, 2005